Pierre Jeanneret (1896 – 1967)

Pierre Jeanneret was a Swiss architect. He is the cousin and collaborator of Le Corbusier. In 1950, he started the Chandigarh construction project in India with Le Corbusier. He became its sole chief architect when Le Corbusier abandoned the project. He stayed there for 15 years to complete the work. Chandigarh then becomes a reference of modern architecture. Located at the foot of the Himalayas, Chandigarh is the capital of Punjab. The architectural project of the city was: an ideal city of raw concrete.

After spending years under the yoke of the British Empire, the city has regained its independence and wishes to look to the future. The young Indian Republic therefore took the decision to build a new capital, to match its political ambitions and the challenge of reconstruction that lay ahead. Today, the city is an ideal place of residence for a large number of Indians because of its rational organization, its cleanliness and its quality of life. At the time, no one had any interest in this furniture and large quantities had been destroyed until the art market began to take an interest in it that Pierre Jeanneret’s furniture was put on the market. honor in prestigious galleries around the world, thus paying homage to the genius of the architect and the “Le Corbusier” design office.